Teamsters Western Region & Local 177 | weekly-eligibility-reminder

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To be eligible in the Teamsters Western Region and Local 177 Health Care Plan, you must have had compensable time during the plan coverage week which is from Sunday through Saturday.   Compensable time includes: any actual work time during a week, Holiday pay, vacation pay, sick leave, personal holiday pay, floater holiday pay, short term disability, long term disability, workers compensation and time taken under the Family Medical Leave Act.  Your employer will report compensable time to the Fund Office the Friday following the coverage week. 

You may need to work with your employer to ensure you are properly reported when you are absent from work.  If you do not have compensable time for any given week, you will have a lapse in coverage for that week.  If you have a lapse in coverage, you will have an option to enroll (and pay) for continuous coverage through COBRA or you may accept responsibility to pay for any health claims incurred that week.