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Dependent Reinstatement following Dependent Eligibility Verification Project

February 24, 2022:  If your dependent was recently terminated for failure to verify his/her dependent status, you must submit the applicable dependent documents to have eligibility reinstated.

As a reminder, the Board of Trustees partnered with Cotiviti to verify that all dependents covered through the plan are eligible for coverage.    An announcement of the Dependent Verification project was mailed to every participant at the beginning of October to the address on file with the health plan.  Three letters were mailed by Cotiviti requesting dependent documents and a termination notice was subsequently mailed by the Plan.

Dependent documents must be submitted to the Plan via one of the below methods to have eligibility reinstated retro-actively to the termination date:

To verify a spouse, you must submit a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of the front page of your most recent Federal Tax Return (income information can be redacted or hidden).

To verify a child, you must submit a copy of the birth certificate or adoption certificate.  If this document does not list the primary insured as the parent, additional information will be required to verify the child’s relationship.

To verify a disabled adult dependent child, you must submit a copy of the Social Security Administration Security Statement and proof that you provide financial support for the child.

Be sure to include a cover sheet with your document submission that contains the Primary Insured’s Name and SSN or UPS ID#.   Please note that due to the high volume of unverified dependents, it will take five to ten business days to process dependent reinstatement requests.  Additionally, call volume and hold times have significantly increased and it is recommended that you submit questions securely through your registered account at www.ssatpa.comIf not registered, you may do so within minutes.

Please also include any changes to your address or phone number that were not previously submitted directly to the health care plan to ensure you receive future communications from the Health Care Plan.