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If you have not yet verified your Dependents with Cotiviti, time is running out!

January 4, 2022:  If you have dependents enrolled in the health care plan and you did not yet verify that your dependents meet the eligibility rules of the plan, you should immediately contact Cotiviti directly at (888) 625-7526 to prevent any interruption in coverage.  Cotiviti has a helpline available 12 hours a day (8 am to 8 pm Eastern time), five days a week, should you have any questions. 

If you did not receive a letter from Cotiviti requesting legal documents to verify your dependents, you may contact Cotiviti by phone or you may also register at to retrieve a copy of the original letter that was mailed to you.  VerifyOS is available on your phone or tablet by entering www.Verify into your mobile browser to quickly check verification status or easily upload photos of your dependent documents.  This mobile website has been found to be the most efficient way to upload documents and verify status.

The Trustees partnered with Cotiviti to ensure the plan continues to operate as efficiently and accurately as possible by verifying that all dependents on the plan are eligible for coverage.  Taking this step will help preserve the excellent benefits offered to members and their families. 

An announcement of the Dependent Verification project was mailed to every participant at the beginning of October to the address on file with the health plan.  It is very important to respond timely to the dependent verification request or your dependents may have a loss of coverage in the health plan.

The Trustees appreciate your immediate attention and cooperation with this important verification process, which will benefit all participants of the Fund.